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Find Out About Food

The meat, dairy, and egg industries would like you to believe that their products are safe and nutritious. The fact is that you can get all the nutrition you need from a plant-based diet while avoiding the health hazards associated with eating animal-based foods.

The meat, dairy, and egg industries would like you to imagine farmed animals live happy lives before going to painless deaths. The fact is that most farmed animals lead lives of unrelenting misery from which the only respite is a painful and terrifying death.

The meat, dairy, and egg industries would like you to believe that they are responsible corporate citizens or, even better, small family farmers. The truth is that most meat, milk, and eggs are produced by or for corporations that pollute the environment, violate the rights of workers, and make life difficult for farm families.

Even small-scale meat, dairy, and egg operations waste vital food and water resources and contribute to global warming. And, of course, all animals exploited for their flesh, milk, or eggs — whether on massive factory farms or small family farms — are deprived of their liberty and, ultimately, their lives

Before you give any more of your hard-earned money to the meat, dairy, and egg industries, get the facts about their products and how they are produced. Then you can make up your own mind about whether it is healthy or ethical to support their practices with your grocery money.

The readings on this page focus closely on the meat, dairy, and egg industries; for information on the wider social, economic, and environment costs of our current food system, visit the hunger and environment pages in our connections section.


  • FactoryFarming.com — From the low-down on downed cows to the latest word on methane, this fact-filled Farm Sanctuary site offers a comprehensive guide to industrial animal agriculture
  • The Plight of the Birds — This United Poultry Concerns publication traces the history of industrial poultry and egg production
  • White PoisonColorlines magazine article on the perils of dairy
  • The Dirt on Factory FarmsMultinational Monitor article on the environmental and consumer impacts of industrial animal agriculture
  • Meet Your McNuggets — Investigative report by The Guardian
  • Home on the (Free) Range? — Don’t believe the hype
  • Medical Costs of MeatNew York Times article on a medical journal report on the health care costs attributable to meat consumption
  • The Price of PoultryWashington Post expose of the economic environmental costs of industrial poultry production
  • The Meat Mob — This 1997 Animal People article on the corporate crimes of meat producers remains relevant today



Note: The organizations above all offer information about the ethical, economic, and environmental hazards of meat, dairy, and egg production. Some share all of our goals; others do not. They are listed here merely as sources of further information.